Thursday, April 26, 2007

The momentum must be kept up!

I am busy trying to finish the second round of corrections of my book galleys. Almost done!

I have also been working on posters and flyers for my book. I figure if the Traditional Values Coalition can work on flyers, so can I. Only thing is that my flyers will be truthful

Speaking of TVC and other members of the anti-gay industry, I cannot emphasize enough how much we need to keep up the momentum for hate crimes legislation and other pro-gay laws.

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Today, TVC sent out a hysterically paranoid press release about the voting to send the hate crimes bill to the entire House. Apparently according to TVC, the bill will lead to the following:

Silence the Bible-believing Churches, Pastors and Christians

Criminalize so-called “hate speech,” – which is any speech that is critical of homosexuality or cross-dressing behaviors. The suppression of free speech will be justified by the claim that such speech “incites” individuals to commit violence against homosexuals, cross-dressers etc. Any remarks about homosexuality, such as reading Bible passages, preaching on these passages, telling a person they can come out of the homosexual lifestyle, etc. will be deemed critical remarks and will be ruled to be outside the bounds of First Amendment protections for pastors, business owners and individuals.

Elevate homosexuality and gender confused individuals such as drag queens, cross-dressers, she-males, etc. to the status of federally-protected minorities. These behaviors will be considered equal to race under the federal law.

Yeah, I know. You have heard it all before and I have talked about it before. This is true, but I am firm believer in consistency of momentum.

It's like a boxing match. When a boxer has his opponent on the ropes, does he slack up or continue to punch until the opponent falls down? He continues to punch until the referee comes in and stops the fight.

The referee hasn't come in to stop our fight just yet.

And also, I want something more to come from this than just a victory.

It would be excellent if this piece of legislation passed through Congress and President Bush signed it into law.

But I want something to be catalogued in a historical perspective. In the case of hate crimes legislation, the anti-gay industry laid themselves bare, abandoning their slick posturing for unabashed lies. Without any degree of shame, they went public with lies so bad that anyone with a small degree of sense can expose them.

I say we encourage this. When future generations look at how hate crimes legislation was played, they will see just how these groups lied in the name of God.

To these folks, the anti-gay industry will be seen as no different than those who massacred the Hugenots or the architects of the Spanish Inquisition.

To these folks, the anti-gay industry will not be seen as saviours of civilization but just another bunch of zealots who, while not stooping to violent means, manipulated and perverted the image of God for their own personal prejudices and desires.

I don't know about any of you but that gives me a taste of sweet satisfaction.