Monday, April 30, 2007

Harold Jackson, God does not like ugly

There are so many things to write about today but I want to focus on something that is bothering me:

A coalition of conservative African American pastors is lobbying Congress to vote against a bill that would extend federal hate-crimes laws to cover gays, saying they fear it would prevent them from preaching against homosexuality.

One the ringleaders of this madness is Pastor Harold Jackson. In two consecutive columns, he has attacked adding lgbts to hate crimes legislation using the same mantra: that it would lead to pastors being persecuted.

Today was his latest effort:

We further challenge this proposed legislation on the basis that it does not assure our free speech rights to speak out against homosexuality as a sin. … the bill could curtail our speech.

I fear for my black community, particularly the church community. The desire for influence, faith-based money, and prosperity has made our pastors into agreeable puppets of the anti-gay industry.

When they were simply opposing same sex marriage, these folks could have gotten away with their antics. Their claim of not supporting same-sex marriage on a religious level was credible.

But now the stakes are higher.

They can’t say that they oppose hate crimes legislation for lgbts because of their religious beliefs. So they are repeating the lies manufactured by the anti-gay industry: that gays want to persecute Christians for speech.

I am very cynical person in matters such as these.

Jackson and the rest of these pastors have to know that they are lying.

They have to know that adding lgbts to national hate crimes legislation will not curtail their freedom of speech.

They have to know that gays and lesbians aren’t going to come storming in the church arresting pastors for speaking against homosexuality.

What’s next for them? Are they going to hold a press conference claiming that they will be persecuted if ENDA is passed?

This is not a case of a group of people trying to preserve Christian values.

It is the birth of a new monster: an industry of black pastors who can and will be called upon to oppose pro-gay laws while, at the same time, exploiting their history as victims of oppression.

Jackson and the rest of these pastors have allowed themselves to be the mouthpieces of a tissue of lies and why?

Because they think that stopping any form of gay or lesbian visibility is more important than their personal integrity?

They obviously feel that God will give them a pass because they are trying to speak in his name, even though they are using the tactics of the devil.

Meanwhile, they are ignoring the lgbts in their own community who are suffering from HIV, isolation, and a lack of pride? These people are the ones they should be using their influence to help.

LBGTs of color often times don’t want approval per se, but a dialogue. And we aren’t able to get it because pastors such as Jackson are too busy getting face time in front of television cameras repeating soundbites that are spoon fed to them by people like Lou Sheldon.

Keep it up guys. God does not like ugly, even if it is done in His name.

And He will make His presence known very soon.

Meanwhile, I would like to know something.

Who else are you going to sell out?