Monday, May 28, 2007

Telling silence

Throughout last week's ado about Paul Cameron, there was a voice missing.

That of Paul Cameron's.

Other than a throw away comment from someone on Think Progress (comment 112), Cameron was conspicuously absent. And I was disappointed.

I was expecting him to make a comment about how the American Psychological Association did not dismiss him for bad research. For years, Cameron had asserted that he resigned from the group before being kicked out.

Of course this is another lie on his part. When Cameron supposedly resigned, he was under investigation and APA bylaws said that members under investigation were not allowed to resign.

Still, this lie gave Cameron a bit of legitimacy on sites like Free Republic when his research was challenged.

Not this time though.

And another telling thing about the situation was that no so-called "pro-family" group went public to defend Cameron.

Many of them, including Americans for Truth (in name only) published the press release announcing his "recent" study earlier this year but in this matter, they were silent.

Supposedly the San Francisco Chronicle unfairly linked Focus on the Family to Cameron's studies but this assertion didn't come from Focus on the Family. It came from Ex Gay Watch and Box Turtle Bulletin; two groups who don't exactly regard Focus on the Family as credible.

As admirable as it was for these groups to defend Focus on the Family, the fact that Dobson's group did not defend itself speaks volumes. Not because of the validity or non-validity of the claim, but because it seems that FOF choose to not get into a situation in which Cameron was involved.

It seems to me that so-called "pro-family" groups are slyly trying to divest themselves from Cameron and his studies.

In the late 80s and early 90s when the internet had not come into fashion, he was useful to them. They could use his work, despite the questions about it. There was very little work done to track Cameron

Now in the era of blogs, they can't get away with uncritically citing Cameron's research. So now, many so-called "pro family" groups are refusing to acknowledge him, pretending that they never used Cameron's work in the first place, and crossing their fingers in hopes that no one ever brings up the time when they did use Cameron's work.

I say we don't give them that luxury. The anti-gay industry house, if you will, is built on foundation of lies and bad studies.

And sooner or later, what happens to a house built on a bad foundation?

Harry Jackson and number four

For the fourth time in as many columns in conservative Townhall, black minister Harry Jackson has chosen to yet again attack adding lgbts to hate crime legislation.

This column in particular attack the recent polls that showed Americans approve of adding lgbts to hate crimes legislation.

I think the fact that in four consecutive columns, Jackson has chosen to attack hate crimes legislation underscores something.

He is trying to find a niche.

Unfortunately a bad side effect courtesy of Bush's re-election is the sideshow of black ministers jockeying for position in the Republican and conservative movement by attacking rights for gays and lesbians.

From Ken Hutcherson to Eddie Long to Harry Jackson, these ministers take it upon themselves to hold press conferences and rallies attacking gays and lesbians while at the same time holding their hands out for more "faith-based" initiative money and ignoring the needs of their lgbt church members.

Jackson's tear on hate crimes legislation is no doubt an attempt to put himself in the number one position.

Let's be real with the situation. Homosexuality in the black community is a divisive subject. And there will probably never be a concensus on the matter, despite the fact that many lgbts of color are present in the black community, including churches.

There needs to be a dialogue in the community about the issue.

But as long as those who are the leaders and who can start the dialogue (i.e. Jackson, Long, Hutcherson, etc.) take it upon themselves to shirk their duties and exploit the issue for maximum media saturation, there will never be any type of solution.