Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shrek is a radical gay activist!

Sometimes I wonder about the so-called "pro-family" forces.

No matter how much benefit of the doubt I try to give them, some are determined to make themselves look like people obsessed with the lgbt community.

Case in point, this new bit by Fran Eaton of the Illinois Review, and picked up by our friends at Americans for Truth (in name only) :

Shrek's not the problem. It's the awkward inclusion of a transvestite and the uselessness of the character himself (herself?) in the story that is troubling.

Right in the midst of a warm "traditional family" setting, the film writers place a man dressed as a woman in with Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White (the good gals). The crossdressing character simply doesn't make sense, except as a ploy to desensitize children and parents to transgenders.

Homosexual activists now are careful to not only use the term "LGBTs" as a unit, they are more boldly now declaring lesbians-gays-bisexuals-transgenders as a unit pushing together as one for civil rights. Those confused about their sexual roles are pushing for equal rights to be free to publicly demonstrate their odd sexual behavior. For transgenders, appearing to be a different sex in public is their particular turn on. We need to understand that acceptance of this sexual behavior is just another step moving our world toward sexual chaos.

You read it right. She is attacking the movie Shrek 3 for including a "man dressed as a woman" as one of the characters.

Now at first I thought she was talking about the crossdressing Big Bad Wolf, but apparently she was describing one of Cinderella's ugly stepsisters.

I swear I don't know how she missed the Big Bad Wolf.

Anyway, I will ignore her blatant ignorance regarding our transgender brothers and sisters. Eaton's nasty comment is yet another attempt of the anti-gay industry to portray our lives as that of irreverent sexual pursuits.

She does have a "point" about the attempts to "sneak" homosexuality in popular culture. Cases in point:

Batman and Robin - Now this is a no-brainer. I always wondered why Batman made Robin dress in those tight green shorts, short shirt and cute green booties. Doesn't he know it ain't easy fighting crime when you are getting a perpetual wedgie.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - Snow White was nothing but a big ole "fag hag." Remember, those dwarfs lived together in that cottage in the woods before she showed up. Sounds kinda butch to me.

The Smurfs - Same case as Snow White. And didn't you wonder about that close relationship between Brainy and Clumsy Smurf? In their defense, we know that at least one of the Smurfs was bisexual. A year after Smurfette showed up, Baby Smurf mysteriously appeared.

Huckleberry Finn - Come on now. A big black guy and a little white twink alone on the raft in the middle of the Mississippi River? Now we know the real reason why Huck didn't want to turn Jim in.

Pinocchio - The story of a fairy, an old man who wants a "real boy," and a nose that grows and recedes like a penis. Somebody call Peter LaBarbera!!!!!