Monday, June 04, 2007

Meanwhile, over at Wayne's

It's Monday so I see my friend Harry Jackson has written yet another column denouncing hate crimes legislation on the conservative site Townhall.

Is this his fourth or fifth column? I lose count. Broken records have that effect on me.

The longer Jackson harps on the issue (and telling the lie that the bill punishes speech rather than violent action), the more integrity he loses. Jackson is only solidying himself as a phony pastor attempting to demonize the gay community for political purposes.

As much as I would like to devote time to him, a more pressing incident caught my attention today.

Wayne Besen wrote a very humorous column on Peter LaBarbera and Americans for Truth (in name only) supposed expose of International Mr. Leather 2007.

Apparently he struck a serious nerve.

Not only did Peter make a poor attempt to lambast Wayne on his page, but certain people have been writing interesting comments on Wayne's blog.

The persons listed themselves as anonymous, so I won't make any guesses as to who they are. I have my guesses but I will keep them to myself.

But the comments do more than accentuate the point of my blog better than anything I could ever say:

When you meet God, you will have to account for every child who got involved with sodomy and/or other sexual perversions and ended up with AIDs, for every homosexual who ended up with Hepatitis C, distension of the anus - for every kid who was lured down the path of sodomy and sexual perversion and compulsion - for every girl who was told that playing around with the reproductive organs of other girls is what womanhood is about, for every kid who was taught that his/her body is to be used just to satisfy itself in whatever way - for every kid who was told that male and female do not mean anything at all - for every kid who bought the big, fat evil lies of the homosexual movement.

And that was a light comment. There were others about "fecal matter" and such.

While I think it is important to always refute ridiculous claims, sometimes I just can't help but laugh at them.

And wonder about those willing to repeat and believe them.

Just what is in the mind of someone who would write such filth and lies? Do he or she really think that they are speaking the truth?

Or is it a manifestation of something dark inside themselves that they refuse to acknowledge?

It's sad that these people continuously try to turn the argument of lgbt civil liberties into one of alleged gay male sexual acts.

In any case, as long as the lies are set up, let's be sure to knock them down.

And pray for those willing to speak and believe these lies because they surely need it.