Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Cause that commotion, make that money

Apparently Jim Naugle is old news because the anti-gay industry has found another cause celebre.

Four firefighters in the city of San Diego are suing because of alleged harrassment they suffered during a gay pride parade from both pro-gays and those speaking out against homosexuality.

They also claim that they were "forced" to participate.

The only thing that is known for sure in this case is that these firefighters have filed a lawsuit and are aided by the Thomas More Law Center, another arm of the anti-gay industry just like the Allied Defense Fund.

But not having all of the facts is a relatively minor annoyance to the anti-gay industry and one that that they can ignore.

Concerned Women for America is already demanding that the fire chief (who just happens to be a lesbian - how conveeeniet) resign or stop her alleged "on-the-job activism."

And of course other press releases read in their headlines that these firefighters were "forced to participate" in the pride rally.

No doubt this is the story that will play up to rightwing blogs and phony "pro-family" sites like One News Now, despite the fact that all of the facts are not known.

Actor Gene Hackman once said in a movie that people aren't interested in truth, only headlines.

How very true. And very sad.