Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Joy of Being a Parent

Apparently our friend Peter and the folks at Americans for Truth (in name only) are having a sparse week.

The crux of their comments today seems to be against lesbian actress Sara Gilbert and her newborn child:

One of the more irritating things about Politically Correct culture is when the media pretend that abnormal is normal — and then expect the rest of us to play along. That’s sort of what being PC is all about, right? Nobody can judge anything — except the “judgers” (that would be us “religious right” folks). It’s perfectly OK for liberals and homosexual activists to slam us because, well, we’re so intolerant of things like Hollywood stars intentionally creating fatherless households and becoming lesbian “mommy” role models who are going to confuse the heck out of these children who, through no fault of their own, are now part of some bizarre social experiment called “same-sex parenting.”

It always amazes and irritates me when those who oppose lgbts expect us to govern our lives in accordance to their bullshit.

Peter further says:

We yearn for the good old days when lesbian radicals railed against “patriarchal” marriage and family, mocked “breeders” (heterosexuals with kiddos), and said the great thing about being a lesbian was that you didn’t have to reproduce.

I have no idea where Peter is coming from with this outrageous train of thought but here is what I do know:

The responsibility of being a parent should be available to those who have the maturity and means to have children. The desire to raise and nurture a child is something that is ingrained in all of us, regardless of sexual orientation.

In fact, despite the anti-gay industry's semantics of lies of gays raising children being an "untested social experiment," we are raising children at a high number. In fact over 300,000 of use are raising children in this country even as we speak.

This column is not to debase the importance of fathers or mothers or two parent homes. This coumn is to point out the reality of the sitaution.

The fact of the matter is that while two-parent mother and father home may be the desire for some, it is not the reality for many. Families encompass a wide defintion because there are many versions of family.

There are homes with a mother and father, grandparents, single mothers, single fathers, relatives and yes, even lgbts.

All of these families are valuable and all offer some form of love AND support.

Rather than chasing an Ozzie and Harriet image across the desert, Peter and his cohorts would do themselves well to support all families rather than just the ones fitting their definition.

In that way, they would be truly "pro-family," for a change.