Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Magical and Mystical World of Kevin McCullough

My ennui is over and I owe thanks to conservative columnist Kevin McCullough.

You will remember that yesterday, I talked about how he distorted a quote from National Gay and Lesbian Task Force spokeswoman Roberta Sklar as well as the article from which the quote was derived to yet again denigrate the lgbt community.

Last night, I emailed him regarding his distortions. The following email exchange took place last night and this morning:

Email exchange 1:


mr. mccullough,

regardless of what those bloggers did say, you clearly misrepresented sklar's quote and the article it came from. She and the article was talking about bisexual women, not gays and lesbians.

despite what you may think, there is a difference between those orientations. I just wanted to bring that to your attention.

Kevin McCullough:

Listen A - or Charle - or whoever you are...

Reread the first line of my column. I clearly disclose that the context of the comments came from just such a piece. SO I clearly did not misrepresent anything... unless you folks are just so willing to lie that no matter what is on the page in front of you - you are going to say something other than that.


Email Exchange 2:


On the risk of going back and forth, you still distorted the piece and the quote. While you may have made clear the name of the article in terms of it being about bisexuality, you used the article to castigate gays and lesbians:

"For the past thirty years radical homosexual activists have sought out a way to justify their desires and behaviors beyond pure human choice. And by all measure they have been quite effective - at least in moving public opinion - though they've made little headway on fact. They have sought from science a biological explanation of their sexual behavior
. They have sought to find medical, genetic, even DNA related origins. These searches have been in vain as there is still no biological, genetic, or cellular explanation for their sexually related behaviors."

Mr. McCullough, the article was about bisexual females, not homosexuality.The only thing you accomplished by naming the article was not only using an unrelated source to castigate gays and lesbians, but also letting everyone know how unashamed you are about committing such a blatant distortion.


p.s. i am not one of those who will speculate on your orienation. I don't care about that. But I do care about how you distort and misrepresent the lives of lgbts.

Kevin McCullough:

A M,

Or whoever you are.

Proper credit was given. None of the woman's words were taken out of context.

And for women to engage in "bisexual" acts/relationships - MEANS that they are dabbling in homo-erotic behavior. The same behavior that is used to identify homosexuals.

You want to strain at gnats. The only defining point of homosexuals or heterosexuals - (and there is nothing else) - is who they choose to engage, fantasize about engaging, or desire to engage sexually with.

Since most gay men - have had sexual interaction with women. (look it up) And many gay women have interacted sexually with me
(sic - I think this was an error on his part) the distinction between purely homosexual and purely heterosexual is almost never 100% true.

Hence - it IS a choice. Hence my point in the column. Hence the fact that I did not misrepresent any aspect of what the woman was saying.

She's the one that said more or less flatly that young women's sexual choices today are "fluid" "not fixed" etc. etc. - meaning THEY CHOOSE.

As do we all.

Because you choose not to hear the larger truth that she accidentally communicated - you've turned the issue on to me saying I distorted what she said.

Which I didn't.

I quoted her exactly. I referenced the fact that it was lifted from a piece that was on bisexuality.

And every one of the points I made was valid. For you to attempt to discredit them because you don't like the outcome is not my concern.

The facts do not lie, and did not change.

Only your desire to see them for something other than what they were.


For the record, Mr. McCullough did distort Sklar's comment. He "magically" found proof that Sklar revealed that being gay is a choice. She was not commenting about being gay or lesbian, but a specific subset of the bisexual community. The article here bears that up.

Apparently Mr. McCullough not only felt he was correct using the article to generalize, he also felt there was nothing wrong with continuing to generalize about gay men in his letter to me (the article in question never even talked about gay men) .

Apparently, being gay and bisexual is the same thing to Mr. McCullough.

He sounds like Paul Cameron.

I posted the email exchange because I wanted to point something out. McCullough's behavior regarding his distorted column is indicative of the anti-gay industry.

Groups like Concerned Women for America, Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council, and others manufacture ideas and "truths about the lgbt community. And when they are challenged on it, they either engage in verbal jousting to comb over their behavior or jump on the mantle of martyrdom and complain about how they are being "persecuted" because of their religious beliefs.

No doubt, Mr. McCullough is carving his cross even as I speak.

It's a sad mindset.

It's the same mindset that leads Florida Mayor Jim Naugle to rail against "gay public sex" despite the fact that area police have said it is not a problem in their area.

It's that same mindset that leads so many to claim that hate crimes protection for lgbts will lead to the persecution of pastors even though the law strictly forbids this to happen.

It's the same mindet that led the American Family Association to continue to sell a tape featuring "ex-gays" even though one of the men featured continued to have gay sex in hotel rooms.

And it's the same mindset that keeps Paul Cameron churning out lie after lie about the lgbt community.

In the long run McCullough and company will not be hurting us but themselves. More to the point, by stooping to misrepresentation and lies, they are hurting the integrity of Christianity.

Maybe that is the reason why Jesus wept. If I had "followers" like McCullough and company, I would cry too.