Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Oh look, another leather thing for Porno Pete to attend

Batten down the hatches, our friend Peter LaBarbera is upset.

Peter (and Matt Barber of Concerned Women for America) seems to be upset over a poster advertising San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair. Apparently the poster is parodying the New Testament's Last Supper.

Now in all honesty, I find the poster in bad taste on many levels.

Of course in all of Peter's bitchings, he will ignore the lgbts out there (like myself) who don't necessarily find the poster to be of good taste.

Just like he ignored the women in the poster in his attempts to portray it as yet more proof of how us lgbts are anti-Christian hedonists.

I have never been to Folsom Street Fair and I don't plan on going anytime soon. I am sure that Peter has gone in the past and will probably go in the future, where he will be snapping pictures to indict the entire lgbt community on the actions of a few.

But from what I understand, the Fair is attended by heterosexuals as well as lgbts. Believe it or not, they also have an interest in leather, s & m, fisting, and the other stuff the Fair promises to showcase.

Not that this little detail matters to Peter or Matt or Concerned Women for America or anyone else willing to demonize the lgbt community.

But Peter's anger inspires me.

One day, I am going to journey down to Fort Lauderdale during Spring Break and make a video of all of the antics I see there.

The question is who will pay more for it - parents or horny heterosexual boys?