Monday, November 05, 2007

Damn, Peter. You must be slipping

What is with our friend Peter LaBarbera.

I think he may be phoning it in.

Case in point - A recent posting on his American for Truth (in name only) webpage:

Study Finds Extensive Partner Abuse among Homosexual, Bisexual Men

From that headline, it sounds like Peter, as a card carrying member of the anti-gay industry, is up to his usual tricks of distorting legitimate studies in order to demonize the lgbt community.

Until the rest of the post is read. I put the important piece in bold:

A new study in the Journal of Urban Health: Bulletin of The New York Academy of Medicine found that 32 percent of gay and bisexual men - nearly one in three - are victims of intimate partner abuse.

Little has previously been researched and documented about the patterns of intimate partner abuse in same-sex male couples. This study’s results provide an important addition to the body of knowledge on this subject, and a call to action for health providers treating men who have sex with men (MSM).

“Men in same-sex relationships experience abuse rates similar to those faced by women in heterosexual pairings,” said lead author Eric Houston of the Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago. “Intimate partner abuse among MSM does not receive the same attention as it does among heterosexual couples. As a result of the lack of attention, many MSM who need help may not be recognized unless the healthcare provider is appropriately trained and takes time to assess for abuse.”

So Peter, how does this information make same-sex relationships seem worse than heterosexual relationships?

You must be slipping my friend.

One News Now and the tale of the poll

We have been inudated with lies that ENDA will lead to discrimination against Christians and such.

But how do some of these same so-called Christians feel about considering sexual orientation or gender identity in employment?

Do they view it as an issue that should be considered?

According to a recent poll on the anti-gay industry site One News Now, 43.9 percent of poll respondees said factors such as an individual's sexual orientation or gender identity should always be taken into consideration when a person is hired or fired.

And you just know that the 43.9 percent aren't necessarily pro-gay.

Something to think about.