Friday, November 09, 2007

Worse case scenarios from hell

One thing made clear in the fight over ENDA is how the anti-gay industry have shifted their lies from the gay and lesbian community to the transgender community.

And apparently they don't believe in being subtle. Some of the things I have heard coming from Matt Barber, Lou Sheldon, Peter LaBarbera, and the rest have been absolutely unbelievable in the areas of audacity and idiocy.

My "favorites" are the following:

ENDA will lead to

- men with five o'clock shadow and evening gowns demanding jobs at nurseries and churches,

- drag queens sharing swimming pool changing room with little girls,

- men arbitrarily claiming that they are transgender in order to sneak a peek at women using the toilet.

Some may chalk up these claims to desperation. I say it is more than that. The sickness of these claims reveal the rotting moral center of so-called "family groups." I mean what type of people actually thinks of these things about "drag queens" and "men in five o'clock shadow and evening gowns."

Probably the same type related to those who claimed that integration would lead to black men raping white women.

Those folks claimed that they were Christians too.

Book update - Guess who I sent a copy to

Apparently my book is doing well on

For the second time, only one copy of the paperback is left. And more are on the way.

I chalk it up to the fact that my book seems to be selling well in Canada via

I really won't know how many I have sold until probably two weeks from now when my publisher gets the wholesellers' figures.

Meanwhile . . .

I think that you all remember the brouhaha last week between me and our friend Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth (in name only).

To rehash it - he kept asking for a review copy and I kept telling him to buy one.

Well that struggle is over.

I said last week that my decision not to email him a review copy of my book was not set in stone.

Well I meant it because I emailed him a copy of the galleys last night.

At first, I was defiant that Peter should buy a copy of my book. Part of the reason why I felt this way was because he had asked for a review copy before anyone else really had access to my book.

Now, over two months and a bunch of good sales later, that has changed. More people have access to my book.

Also, I am curious as to how folks on the other side of this argument would react to my book. After all, I accuse them of distorting science and relying on junk studies to demonize the lgbt community.

I couldn't help but to be curious as to how they would respond when they read my exact charges.

In the end, I guess that little bit of curiousity convinced me to go ahead and email Peter a copy of my galleys.

So now Peter, the ball is now in your court. You have my book.

Can you refute my claims?