Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Book update - Massive Success

I had a very interesting email exchange with Dave Daubenmire, the author of the "Homo-nauseous" column I wrote about yesterday.

But I won't reflect on that.

And no matter how much I am tempted, I will not talk in length about our friend Peter LaBarbera's new and rather pathetic request for money to fight the "radical homosexual menace" today on his site.

I will only say that I am waiting for your refutations, Peter.

Today is mostly a happy day.

My book enjoyed a huge in jump in sales on two occasions on Presently (and this may change), I am ranked number two in my specialty category.

Now on ('s Canadian site), I have been ranked number one in gay/lesbian nonfiction for a few weeks now.

But there is a small catch. Apparently the problem I had with how my book was categorized on has played over to; it's described as a children's book.

I am working to correct this error and I hope it will not create a problem with my sales. However, I am of the opinion that while my book is categorized as a children's book, no one bought it with the notion of reading it to their child.

Anybody who reads the summary can tell that it is not a children's book.

Also, my book is now available on this new location.

And next month, I hope to have my first book signing event.

So you will forgive me when I say:


Come stickpins tomorrow. I will be more receptive. - (Katherine Hepburn, The Lion In Winter)

UPDATE - Six sites online where you can find my book: