Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anatomy of a lie

An email sent to me by Peter LaBarbera (Americans for Truth) on January 25, 2008:

Never called it a "Gay Plague," the New AIDS, etc., and you know it . . . The study itself was ABOUT gay and MRSA.We wrote about the study.

An press release sent out by Peter LaBarbera (Americans for Truth) on January 15, 2008:

Is this not an eerie reminder of the initial stories 25 years ago about AIDS -- then called GRID (Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Disease)? It is unfathomable that after that plague, disease specialists and the media are now surprised at the correlation of new infections with homosexual behavior;

Wake up, medical and political establishment: homosexual behavior is unhealthy -- no matter how many secular sermons you preach against "homophobia." Due to liberal political correctness, which treats aberrant -- even deadly -- behaviors as a "civil right," we as a society don't seem to have learned much from the AIDS pandemic - LaBarbera: New MRSA Staph Risk Spread by Gay Men Shows Risks of 'Second-Hand Sodomy'

I apologize if I have been dwelling on this issue too much but I believe in constant reminders. We should never forget how the anti-gay industry tried to distort news of the MRSA staph infection.

And we must make sure that they never forget it too.