Thursday, February 21, 2008

Double standard? You got that right

I like to read One News Now because it is one of the best examples of anti-gay propaganda.

It pretends to be a Christian new source, but under the cover of religion, it prints biased and one-sided articles that generally portrays lgbts as predators and such.

But today, something caught my eye:

Attorney: Legal system favors female sexual predators

The lenient sentence handed down to a female teacher who sexually abused five male students is proof of a double standard in America's legal system, says prominent pro-family attorney Pat Trueman.

Allena Ward, 24, of Laurens, South Carolina, was sentenced this week to six years in prison after she admitted to having sex with five of her teenage students. "I wish healing for each person affected by my carelessness. And I offer my deepest and most sincere apologies to these young men," Ward apologizes.

But Pat Trueman, special counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, says Ward's crimes were not the result of "carelessness" but the conscious choices of a sexual predator. Her victims were children, he says, not "young men." And, he adds, things would have been different if Ward had been male and her victims had been girls .
. .

What was interesting about this article was what it did not contain. There were no quotes from Peter LaBarbera or Matt Barber or any of the so-called critics of culture.

If the situation had something to do with a man molesting a male child or a female molesting a female child, the article would have been filled with junk science about how gays are most likely to molest children.

I even suspect our friend, Paul Cameron would be cited.

Really, anyone molesting a child is a criminal. But apparently in the eyes of One News Now, a person molesting a same-sex child deserves a special designation as a "homosexual" (even though such is generally not the case). And the article must be an inference as to how "evil" homosexuality is.

But if a woman molests a male child, then attention must be paid to the individual criminal rather than the orientation of the criminal.

How very "fair." (yes that is sarcasm)