Tuesday, March 04, 2008

One News Now - My guilty pleasure

I enjoy reading One News Now.

I'm almost ashamed to admit it but that site is as fun to read as Perez Hilton's blog.

One News Now (formerly Agape Press) is the journalistic arm of the American Family Association. It supposedly gives the "Christian" side of today's news events. This, however, usually translates to one sided drivel which purpose is to scare or inflame people of faith through lies, distortions, and a dash of appealing to their egos.

But the site also has a comments section. And that is the part I enjoy reading.

Anyone can rate an article and to respond to what he or she has read.

In reading posted comments, I can gauge the mindsets of those who choose to believe the junk flowing from One News Now. And that is always fun.

In responding to articles, I, or anyone else, can point out inaccuracies. And many pro-gay comments end up printed, much to the consternation of some One News Now readers.

Some of these folks have even asked why gays read and respond to the site.

Well it's simple.

One News Now usually focuses on gay issues, albeit in an one-sided and inaccurate way. LGBTs have every right to respond. Especially if we are provided a forum to respond.

And I am happy to say that many of us tend to respond in an intelligent manner.

The "fun" article to read right now is the following:

Obama would use 'bully pulpit' to advance homosexual agenda

Some of the comments are "interesting," to say the least:

"Homosexuality is abnormal. This is confirmed by the biological incompatibility of two people of the same gender. No one knows why a person is gay, whether this flaw is of genetic or personality origin. No matter what causes it, it is nothing of which to be proud. Nor should it warrant special laws. I would never condone the infliction of physical harm because of a person’s choice of bedroom partners, but I also do not believe in same sex marriage, and I do not believe that gays should be in the military. Nor do I feel it is proper for gays to adopt children. Homosexuality is not an alternate lifestyle; it is an unhealthy perversion. We Christians, who incidentally are not ignorant losers, cannot be expected to embrace a culture adverse to our beliefs. Certainly, we pray for the homosexual, but we are entitled to withhold our approval."

"The church has fathers? Are these fathers supernatural or human?"

"Obama is the trogan horse of the Radical Left. Now we know what the real change he says he represents is. I will be voting for the presidential candidate of THE CONSTITUTION PARTY."

"It is obvious we need to Ask God to change these people or pour out his Wrath.As a Christian I'm just fed-up with these deviates in Leadership in this Country aswell as all over the world. We need to Be Pray Warriors for Revival in Pagan American Politicians"

"Before I became a Christian, I divorced my first wife and then married my current wife. Then I became a Christian. So what you are saying is that if I have sexual relations with my second wife then I am actually commiting adultery against my first wife who in the eyes of the Lord I am still actually married. I don't like the sound of this. Can we go back to talking about homosexuals again please?"

"Someone wrote: "I do not Hate you because you are Gay. I hate the sin , unnatural sex is immorral. You HATE me because I am a Christian. That is where we need to work on the laws in this country. There are many Christians being persecuted by Gays." This is preposterous. Gays are only working to get equal rights under the law. Some Christians are working to deny them these rights. Gays do not hate Christians (in fact most gays ARE Christian), but they are frustrated with the Christians that attack gays in the name of their religion. To suggest that Christians are persecuted by gays is laughable. Just in the last week, I heard of 2 gays that were murdered just for being gay. How often does that happen to Christians? And certainly not by gays."

"I can only say that the Christian voter must truly weep over the Pagan candidates running for the highest office of our land! Sad to say, not even our churches fight for morality anymore. Satan in hell is smiling!"