Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's election day in Columbia, SC

Right now in Columbia, there is a huge city council election. I'm still not sure as to why but the candidates have been pulling out all of the stops, including television commercials which is something I have never seen in a city election.

We even have one candidate running unopposed but he still put out a bunch of campaign signs. Talk about covering your bases.

Here is what I am sure of and happy about. LGBTs are not an election issue, not even with the anti-discrimination ordinance that passed unanimously through city council. We even had some candidates actually sit down and talk with us.

And to me, that is refreshing. It's equally refreshing to see candidates introduce his or her family in commercial and know that they are not doing it to distance themselves from the gay community.

Columbia isn't a bad city to live.

In contrast (and you all knew this was coming), I hear that many of the so-called main anti-gay industry talking heads will be in Oklahoma tomorrow for the Sally Kern rally. Our friends Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber will be there.

And it amazes me that they continue to cast this as an issue of free speech. To repeat, no one thinks that Kern should be silenced, but she should be more accurate before opening her mouth.

And Peter knows exactly what I'm talking about based on email messages we sent to each other this weekend regarding Kern citing Paul Cameron as a source for her claims.

No matter. The press release has already been written by Peter and company. No matter what happens, they will use hyperbole to make Kern sound like a 21st century Joan of Arc.

This issue is slowly pettering out, being of use to no one but the anti-gay industry. If Kern is smart, she should let the issue rest. Otherwise, I'm guessing that years from now, she will be complaining as to how she was "used" by Peter and company.

Now to the issue of comedy, our friend Robert Knight, formerly of Concerned Women for America, is angry at ABC for a story on Good Morning America regarding the possible gay gene.

And check out this part of his whine:

The Good Morning America story follows the script proposed in the gay strategic manual After the Ball, by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen. The two Harvard-trained PR experts set out to “overhaul straight America,” which was the title of an article out of which After the Ball was born as a full-length book in 1989.

That book again. How many times are we going to be inudated with the claim that the lgbt community is using that book as a blueprint to take over America? It's a consistent lie that has been used over and over again.

And what makes it funny this time is that Knight is accusing ABC of being in on the plot.

When were they made a part of our conspiracy? Welcome to the gang, guys! Now perhaps one of you can get me the number of that cutie Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Hell, I will take Jonah Hill.

Seriously though, Jeremy from Good As You tears apart Knight's nonsense. It's an excellent read.