Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day Two of the Irmo GSA controversy finds that ignorance abounds

Day Two of the Irmo GSA controversy finds a bunch of comments on the area newspaper's webpage.

Readers were asked about their opinion regarding the principal of Irmo High School's resignation in the face of a possible GSA.

Predictably, some folks are standing in his corner:

I support Mr. Walker. A gay/straight club is about one thing - SEX. Abstinence is what we teach; it's what parents and the community should support. We need more professional educators like Mr. Walker who will stand up to these perverted bullies.

I applaud your decision to stand up for what you believe in and will be praying for you and your family during these next few months. With the emergence of 24/7 media, your name is bound to be slung into the mud, but just remember that there are people out there who support you. If we are loud enough, maybe one day we will win. Remember Jesus was hated, stoned and murdered, but he stood for what he believed in and because of that we are all saved. I do not know what your personal religion is, but I always applaud a man who has the conviction to say enough is enough.

I support the principle on this one, wish we had more like him. Maybe my naked blow-up doll club will be a hit at Irmo.

It is refreshing to see a man with convictions! Thank you Mr. Walker for standing up for your moral and religious beliefs and not bowing at the alter of political correctness. If we had more men of conviction like you, this country would not be in the mess we now find it.

It is a shame that the decent students at IHS are losing such a good man. I am sure that the human garbage will be very pleased, however, we as a society will all be a little bit dumber for having to put up with it.

On an area news site, a poll revealed that 67 percent of those answering said that GSAs should not exist in area high schools.

What did Gene Wilder say in Blazing Saddles? To paraphrase:

" . . .these are people of the land, the common clay . . . You know . . . morons."

All I can say is thank God I live in a country where majority rules is not necessarily an abiding principal.

Now I know that some are going to use what I just said in a semantic game of accusing me of being intolerant, but come on folks, let's be real here.

There is no legal justification to disallow this club. There is no moral justification to disallow this club. There are only assumptions; fearful assumptions.

And how long should anyone's patience last when realizing that the folks who oppose this GSA will not educate themselves on the truth of the matter.

I respect stubborness to a point, but not to the point where one continues to be stubborn in the face of truth.

So while I respect people's beliefs in opposing GSAs, I have to question their willful inability to see past their own ignorance about the matter.

Especially when it is pointed out to them ad naseum that a. GSAs do not encourage sexual activity and b. GSAs are protected by the Equal Access Act.

In all honesty though, I should chalk it up to the greatness of this country. The right to have an opinion (no matter how bullheaded it is) is a hallmark of this country just like the practice of standing up for the minority.

I guess it's a case of taking the good with the bad.

And many who responded in the newspaper actually supports GSAs:

That Mr. Walker intentionally misrepresents the purpose for the club's formation is a good indication that he does not belong in his position. That he objects to homosexuality doesn't make him any different than most of the people I know but for an educator to make bigoted,unsupported statements about anyone,let alone his students is reprehensible; he should go!

For the record, our schools and students are not in trouble because of a lack of God; our schools are in trouble because they are laboring under outdated ideas on education,teachers are overburdened,parents are struggling to make ends meet and have less time to spend with their children. If you believe that the absence of God is the problem you can easily rectify that by placing your child in a school whose charter incorporates biblical principles - there are plenty in SC. Of course, you could also teach your children the religious principles that you believe are imperative to their growth at home.

Wow!!! People, we are not talking about beliefs...we are talking about human beings!!!!! Gay people exist believe it or not. Your son , daughter, brother, sister, cousin, niece, nephew all could be a struggling gay teen. After reading the post on this board I see the need for a support group for these kids, because they sure are not getting any from home! If Mr. Walker cares so much for his students, which I have no doubt he does, I have meet him and he is very dynamic and nice person, but to completely alienate and ignore a part of the student body is not acceptable, he should step down now, not later. He has put the GLBT students at Irmo High in more danger than they ever would have been joining this "club" before his dramatic resignation. I can only imagine how many GLBT students are hearing the hateful parts of this debate from their parents and friends. It just breaks my heart to know how depressed and unwanted they feel right now.