Thursday, August 07, 2008

Gay genes and straw men - One News Now makes it so easy

A permissive tactic of the anti-gay industry is the straw man argument.

This is attributing a weak argument to the lgbt community so when said argument is refuted, they can point and say "see how the radical homosexuals can't give good arguments to justify their behavior."

For an example of this tactic, I turn to that "bastion of fairness," AFA's One News Now:

One of the untouchable dogmas of the homosexualist movement is the assertion of the existence of a "gay gene" -- or a genetic marker that causes same-sex attraction. The assertion of a genetic factor in homosexual preference has never been demonstrated by scientists, and now at least one prominent campaigner in the British homosexual movement has admitted this fact. - Homosexual activist admits there is no gay gene

No doubt, the anti-gay industry will be breaking out the champagne over this "discovery." I am sure that we will hear this "admittance" repeated as a talking point on anti-gay industry webpages, blogs, and by their spokespeople.

But there is one problem.

I love the clever way One News Now phrases the article's lead sentence: One of the untouchable dogmas of the homosexualist movement is the assertion of a "gay gene."

But who in our "movement" has ever said anything about a gay gene? Can One News Now be more specific about this?

Of course not. Per usual, they identify us as nameless, faceless hordes with nothing but mischeif on our minds:

Homosexual activists have adopted the "gay gene" theory to bolster their assertion that any objection on moral grounds to homosexual activity is akin to objecting to left-handedness or skin color. It has supported the accusation that Christians and others who object to the homosexual movement are racists and bigots.

There have been many studies on the root cause of homosexuality. Nothing concrete has ever been established, except for the fact that sexual orientation in general is too complex to be switched on and off like a light switch.

In fact, the "prominent campaigner" cited in the One News Now article, Peter Tatchell, even says this:

Sexuality, he wrote, is "far more ambiguous, blurred and overlapping than any theory of genetic causality can allow. Examples of sexual flexibility...don't square with genetic theories of rigid erotic predestination."

But far be it from One News Now to not take a gay man's words out of context. The phony news site seems to less concerned with being accurate and more concerned with dehumanizing lgbts and attributing every action we make as a part of some huge nefarious plan:

The "gay gene" theory has been used by homosexual activists "to deny choice, to make it appear that homosexuals cannot help it, and to argue that any criticism of the gay lifestyle is as silly as criticism of being left-handed or red-haired," says (Bill) Muehlenberg. "And this has been a deliberate strategy by homosexual activists. They have done a very good job to convince a gullible public that homosexuals are born that way and cannot change."

Business as usual indeed.