Monday, August 25, 2008

All eyes on Denver

This week will be a drag regarding news about the anti-gay industry.

You all know why. This is the week of the Democratic National Convention so all eyes are on Denver as the media will pontificate, guesstimate, and, in the case of Fox News and others like them, try to throw a monkeywrench in on the proceedings.

And the majority of the heavy hitting progressive bloggers are there also.

Oh well, there is always 2012 for me.

Seriously though, my guess is that the anti-gay industry will have their forces all keyed to making Obama look like a sepia Damien Thorne.

One good thing about him getting the nomination is how it threw everything into chaos. I think the anti-gay industry, et. al. were expecting Clinton to get the nomination and they were counting on her to galvanize supporters who are not necessarily sold on McCain.

How the pedulum turns.

Other than watching the convention, I think that I am going to take time out this week to work on several projects, including my other blog.

This is not to say that I am taking a break. We all know how the anti-gay industry is.

No rest for the wicked.