Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gay adoption, Hilary and other Wednesday musings

I got a message from a member of Arkansas Family First, the group working against the ballot measure I talked about yesterday:

This is Laura from Arkansas Families First.

Please visit our website,, to join us in the fight to defeat this amendment!

I echo that sentiment for a number of reasons. Not only is the proposed law a piece of symbolic claptrap that will actually hurt children, but if it passes, we can count on seeing similar ballot initiatives in other states.

On other issues, give it up to Hilary. She turned it out last night.

Last night, I flipped between PBS and Fox News while the pundits and reporters on both channels were analyzing the speech.

What was funny about the entire thing was the pundits on Fox News attempting to find things wrong with Hilary's speech.

She only did it her herself. She didn't help Obama. I could hear her saying asshole under her breath everytime she said Obama's name. That wasn't Hilary on the podium because the Democrats kidnapped her. It was a Stepford Wife like that movie.

Then this morning, I happened to catch Joe Scarborough and his panel (with only one black man onboard) try and deconstruct Hilary's speech.

The ironic thing about that was Pat Buchanan's participation on the panel. Buchanan has said some ugly things regarding Obama and black people in general; something to the tune of black people were lucky to come to America as slaves because they were exposed to Christianity, blah, blah, blah.

And it made me realize that Pat Buchanan is a living, breathing symbol of the hypocrisy of racism on America's underbelly.

I mean if he was a black man and had said half the things about white people than he (as a white man) has said about black people, he wouldn't be considered as a venerable newsperson.

He would be a part of those code words Fox News uses when they want to scare white people about the motives of black people.

You know the code words - Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan.

Finally, some of you may have noticed that the countdown clock that usually sits on the right of this blog is gone. I removed it yesterday.

The countdown clock was showing how many days had passed since anti-gay doyenne Peter LaBarbera had seen my book (Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters) and not responded to the charges lodged in it.

It was not (as a certain individual put it) a plea by me to get LaBarbera to review my book. It was put there to demonstrate LaBarbera's hypocrisy.

He can go from one subcultural event to another and demonize the lgbt community from the depravity he sees there but will not address the fact that he and folks on his side have engaged in unfair and unscrupulous tatics to lie on the lgbt community.

Well as seen in my blog two Saturdays ago, Peter finally addressed those charges.

Granted, it took me pulling it out of him via a series of emails, but he did address my charges.

We're not perfect, he said.

Well duuuuh.