Thursday, October 09, 2008

McDonalds caves to the AFA - riiiiiiiiiiight

The American Family Association is claiming victory today. It's claiming to have received "assurances" that McDonalds will now pursue a policy of neutrality in the so-called culture wars.

AFA has been pursuing a boycott of McDonalds accusing the restaurant of "embracing the gay agenda."

Knowing AFA's history of spinning and lying, I will choose to wait for the rest of the story.

Unfortunately, the AFA will get a bit of mileage out of their claim. It is already posted as an article on the phony news site One News Now.

And regardless whatever the official statement from McDonalds will be, expect to hear AFA, Peter LaBarbera and the rest claim that their boycott was successful.

Repeition of lies is a hallmark for the anti-gay industry as well as incorrectly spinning current events.

Take for example the situation involving David Parker that I talked about Monday. Despite the fact that his lies has been turned away on every level, including the Supreme Court, Parker's story is still being spun as the case of a man who "tried to save his child from the gay agenda."

And it's even being used to try and defeat marriage equality in California, which was much like how the Repent America story was used by those who tried to keep the lgbt community from being added to hate crimes legislation.

I don't get depressed over this mess. Lies have a way of being exposed eventually.

But I can't help wishing that our community, especially our leaders, were a bit more vigilant in keeping an eye on these situations and getting the correct information out before the lies have a chance to take root.

If not, even our victories in these cases come back to haunt us.