Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Will Obama carry South Carolina?

As a lot of you know, I reside in South Carolina, a state that is habitually written off in presidential elections.

A Democratic presidential candidate hasn't carried this state since Carter in 1976. Hell, our elected state officials try to out-Republican each other, be they Democrat or Republican.

And I have always felt that despite all, Obama will not carry South Carolina.

But now, I have to wonder.

I sense a serious degree of interest from South Carolina's black population in this election. As November rolls around, I see and hear conversations regarding the elections in places where I have never seen it before.

In a store where I usually shop, which is situated in an African-American neighborhood, the radio was running full blast about early voting in North Carolina and other places. The announcers also took it upon themselves to run audio clips of comments from people at McCain/Palin rallies.

And I don't think I have to rehash those comments.

The curious thing is that usually when the radio is playing in the background, people don't pay attention. They usually go about their business, treating what they hear as background noise.

But not today. Shoppers were actually stopping to listen. The young woman with the children, the old man looking for rubbing alcohol, the young couple who probably just became legal voters, the two elderly women.

All seemed to be interested in what they were hearing. And not just them, but the stockers.

Hell, if someone had started jotting down notes, I think I would have dissolved in pride.

They are even talking about this election at the city bus terminal.

Yes, despite the images put out there by Republicans about "real Americans," people who ride the city buses are generally hard working individuals who just happen not to own a car. They trod every day to and from their jobs.

And the election has been the serious topic of discussion there.

Now some may say "big deal" because the African-American population of South Carolina is not that numerous. Well it's numerous enough to turn the tide of an election if combined with other voters.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. Or maybe it's something more.

Either way, if McCain does try to carry South Carolina, he is going to know that he was in a fight.

Where is David Parker and the Wirthlins on this matter?

So if Proposition 8 is not passed, students will be" indoctrinated" about gay marriage in schools eh?

Some Proposition 8 supporters aren't even waiting that long:

A Salinas High School teacher who distributed “Yes on Proposition 8” literature to her students last week has been asked to refrain from doing so by administrators.

Proposition 8 on the November ballot in California would make same-sex marriages illegal.

Salinas Union High School District Superintendent Roger Antón said this afternoon that Principal Michael Romero reminded the teacher that faculty members’ political beliefs may not be expressed during work hours.

The teacher’s name was not disclosed by the district.

Anton said the district’s policy allows for political discussion in the classroom only when it is objective and relevant to the curriculum being taught.

The literature that was passed out to students says it is important to protect marriage as an institution between a man and a woman.

The one-page statement also says it is critical to vote yes on Proposition 8, saying its failure would eventually force the state to approve “polygamy, polymory, incest, group and other ‘creative’ arrangements for marriage.”

Hat tip to Box Turtle Bulletin