Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank you Peter for showing the hypocrisy of your side

It took him a while but our friend Peter LaBarbera finally came through in trying to defend Pastor Rick Warren. Let's look at some clips from his defense:

By blasting Obama for choosing Rick Warren as an Inaugural speaker — and demonizing Warren as a “homophobe” because he supported Prop 8 — homosexual activists are showing the world just how empty their “tolerance” ideology really is

Here’s an outstanding release from Pastor Bryan Fischer with the Idaho Values Alliance, an affiliate of American Family Association. Poor Barack Obama: he’s promised the world to one of the most demanding and unreasonable special interest movements on the planet. Imagine blasting the gregarious Warren as a “homophobe” because he supported Prop 8 in California.

The press release makes it seem that lgbts going to riot in the streets during the event:

Prediction: for the first time in American history, a speaker at a presidential inauguration may be booed unmercifully, and his remarks completely drowned out by angry jeers from an incensed crowd. We may even see shoes tossed at the inauguration platform by the hundreds. It could be a modern day lynching, only this time the victim of a vigilante mob will be proverbially strung up not because of skin color but creed.

At the end of the press release, there is a listing of articles detailing the controversy as if to further illustrate how supposedly "intolerant" lgbts are.

Allow me to present my own list and it speaks to the audacity of the folks on the other side of the issue.

They attack lgbts for our anger at the Warren selection and play that "they say they are tolerant but this proves that they are not" game despite the fact that a short time ago, a lot of them were angry at Newsweek for its article on gay marriage. And they made this displeasure known:

Homosexuality — The Evangelical Temptation

AFA Takes on Newsweek’s Shameful Distortion of the Bible to Shill for Homosexual ‘Marriage’

Mohler on Newsweek article: The ‘biblical case for gay marriage’ falls flat

Newsweek Religion Editor Rewrites the Bible

Answering Newsweek

They call us intolerant despite the fact that a prominent pastor on their side was forced to resign because of his support of same sex relationships:

Evangelical Leader Takes Heat For His ‘Shift’ On Same-Sex Relationships

They call us whiners because of our anger over Warren despite the fact that they have been acting like serious crybabies over incidents involving aetheist displays at Christmas. (Editor's note - If you want to see true award-winning whining, check out the comments section of these articles):

Illinois Christians angry over atheist display

Washington State rewrites holiday display policy

Multicultural displays 'neutering' Christmas

And not long before Peter started shilling for Warren's presence at the inauguration, he was raising hell that a gay marching band would be appearing:

Transgender Twirlers? Homosexual Band to March in Obama’s Inaugural Parade

So what's the deal here?

When the religious right complain about something, it's perfectly okay but when lgbts do the same thing, we are being intolerant?

I don't think so.

I noticed that One News Now has been noticeably silent on the Warren controversy. Thank God for Peter LaBarbera whose pathetic attempts to be relevant does his side more harm than good.