Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And continuing the "they hate us and are out to get us" lie - Mike Huckabee

Huckabee: Stimulus is 'anti-religious' - All I can say is thank goodness this man never got anywhere near the White House.

To me, Huckabee is one of the worst propaganda spreaders out there, particularly how he addresses the lgbt community.

"They want tolerance, but they won't show tolerance" meme seems to be his main point in talking about our community. That tactic works when he is on shows like The View and can take an anecdotal incident out of context with no one to challenge him on it. (i.e. Phyllis Burgess)

Or if he ever got around to inviting an lgbt spokesperson on his talk show, I suspect he would pull the "I'm just trying to be compassionate" nonsense.

For those who are not familiar with that tactic - it would comprise of interrupting the guest when he or she is trying to make their point, speaking in a pseudo calm and reassuring manner with a tone that infers that you are addressing an irrational person, and steering the conversation from the needs of the lgbt community to "why does the lgbt community think that everyone hates them."

The tactic is designed to unnerve the guest with a phony sort of kindness and put him or her on the defensive.

That tone is more insulting than that of Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber. At least with those two, you know where you stand.

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