Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Network television plotting with the 'homosexuals,' Santorum adds his voice to the group of fools, and other Tuesday midday newsbriefs

Clear objective: 'Change hearts, minds' re: homosexuality - From the webpage of One News Now - how dare network television show lgbts as normal people! Pay attention to the article because the person interviewed, Colleen Raezler of the Culture and Media Institute, dances around the "gays have a shorter lifespan" lie.

Rick Santorum joins 2M4M - Santorum strikes against. Personally I think that Dan Savage's definition of the word "santorum" fits this guy perfectly.

Resolution upholds city discrimination ban - Good news from El Paso

Marriage commissioners can't discriminate: Saskatchewan court - More good news from Canada

"The Carrie Effect" - Here is something to make you ill, that is if you don't fall out laughing at first.

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Bill S said...

When I tried clicking on the One News Now article, I got a message saying my Internet Explorer couldn't open the site. Was my computer trying to protect my sanity?

BlackTsunami said...

Try it now. It works for me.

Bill S said...

I trtied it again. I also submitted a comment there, but I haven't checked back to see if it's been posted.

Bill S said...

I just looked again. So far the comment I submitted* has not been posted.
*anoymously. That wasn't intentional. There's no "name" field, and I just forgot to sign my name before hitting "submit".