Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting rebuked in the name of Jesus and called a twit - is this the best the anti-gay folks can do?

I got two interesting negative letters that I want to share with you. After almost three years of doing this thing, it's nice to see my work paying off (sarcasm alert).

Liar !

I don't see how you learned through prayer to accept being gay, because i know GOD never told you it is ok for you to be gay. You need to STOP misleading people in GOD's name because he never told you to accept homosexuality otherswise he would be a liar and you can't make a liar out of GOD. I rebuke you in Jesus name for the lie you told.

When I opened my email and read this message, I nearly fell out laughing. I didn't quite do so because I was busy trying to remember just exactly what I did to garner such an interesting response.

Then I remembered the email I wrote on youtube answering someone's question as to how I was so sure that God had accepted me as a gay man. Apparently someone didn't share my views.

The person didn't elaborate just what happens when one is rebuked in Jesus's name. My guess is that I win some lifetime supply of polyester leisure suits or get eternally strapped down in a doorless room and forced to continously listen to the Osmonds "One Bad Apple."

Either would be pure hell.

My other letter comes from one of my favorite anti-gay spokespeople (and yours), Peter LaBarbera. Apparently he is not appreciative of my latest piece, Peter LaBarbera - the self-destruction of an anti-gay activist.

Now in all honesty, his comments didn't come unsolicited. I emailed LaBarbera my column in order to garner a response. This is what he said:

You are officially a twit, Alvin. You can't even recognize that your own obsession betrays your argument. Adios.

Between you and, me, this is LaBarbera's second or third time with answering my email by calling me a "twit" and using that words "adios" as a signal that he will not return any of my emails.

And yet he continues to answer my emails. I guess he doesn't "know how to quit me."

This is the same guy who allegedly has more gay porn than most people. So you can understand why I'm spooked.

If anyone would know about being obsessed, it's him.

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Christopher said...

What I'd like to know is how exactly this anonymous commenter "knows" that God never told you it's okay to be gay... Can he see into others' very thoughts and determine that? Who but God Himself would have that ability? ;)

In my own experience, in Scripture and in real life, it's always the ones who are most sure of their own salvation that have the least understanding of how to attain it.

Two Auntees said...

" I know GOD never told you it is ok for you to be gay." Now exactly how does this person know what God told you?

ColdCountry said...

I think you have an admirer in Petey. Better watch your backside.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I just can't read your blog anymore. For a while it was fun checking up on absurd arguments that the religious right is making, but your childish tactics are getting to be too much for me.

Pulling in cute quotes from Brokeback Mountain, and making comments based on rumor (while you spend much of your writing pointing out discredited research, no less) is not an effective way to try and approach these organizations for serious debate. It's little wonder that they refuse to engage you anymore.

BlackTsunami said...

EEEEEWWWW, Cold Country. lol

BlackTsunami said...

I have two points to make. I'm curious as to what rumors you are talking about. It has been confirmed on more than one source about Peter's "habit" of gathering research.

Secondly, come on about the engaging in conversation with these folks. While it is a nice dream, you know a thief will never get into a conversation as to why he or she steals. And I don't think that folks who intentionally lie or use discredited research will have the guts to answer questions as to their motivations.

But as far as them "refusing to engage me," you seem to have done so. It's cute how you try to be anonymous, but I think everyone knows who you are. You really should have guts to sign your name.

I guess it speaks to my first point.