Friday, August 21, 2009

Protecting our lgbt children, my little piece about President Obama's approval numbers, and other Friday midday news briefs

LGBTs are being bullied. 'Pro-family' denialists are aiding and abetting - Our lgbt children need to be protected. Period.

Tobias Wolff (and Lou Dobbs!) slay NOM's Gallagher on DOMA - Twilight Zone time. Lou Dobbs helps the lgbt community. Calling Rod Serling!

Arizona pastor's sermons call for execution of gays, Barney Frank and the President -We've got too many stupid people in the pulpits.

Fox Nation Thread About McDonald’s Black Website Generates More Racism And Ignorance - How dare McDonalds reveals the fact that black people contributed to the greatness of America!

Faith In Obama Drops As Reform Fears Rise - I'm sorry for this not being lgbt-related per se but I felt the need to put this in here so that I can comment on it's stupidity.

Obama has had a very rough August; the Republicans with their disinformation blew him away on health care reform and it seems that he was taking a wishy-washy approach, but I must remind people that HIS FIRST YEAR AS PRESIDENT ISN'T EVEN UP YET AND ALREADY YOU DUMB ASSES ARE SOUNDING THE SHOFARS (it's a Jewish term, look it up). FOR GOODNESS SAKE, GIVE THE MAN SOME SLACK.

Do you think progress is ever going to be easy? If it were, everyone would be doing it. Sometimes I think the biggest problem of progressives is our need to second guess everything at the first sign of trouble. If you aren't happy with Obama, put a fire under his butt. But for God's sake, sit on your butt just making smarmy comments and grousing about how he is "hurting our causes."

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