Friday, March 13, 2009

West Virginia religious right group sinks low - I mean real low

I'm disappointed with the West Virginia Family Foundation.

Usually when a religious right group stands against pro-gay legislation, it has the decency to disguise its endeavors as something wholesome.

But not this group:

West Virginia Legislators have introduced multiple pro-homosexual bills to mandate West Virginians to accept the homosexual lifestyle as a "civil rights” protected class in WV Code.

SB-134 & SB-238 would grant “civil rights” status within the WV Human Rights Act, West Virginia Fair Housing Act, and West Virginia employment regulations, for bi-sexual, homosexual and gender identity (sex change) lifestyles. The House liberals have sponsored similar bills such as HB-2454, HB-2925 and HB-2954.

This legislation, if passed, would remove the rights of West Virginia employers not to hire, and West Virginia land owners not to rent to, transvestites, openly homosexual individuals, and others with a perverse sexual orientation.

So to this group, employers and land owners have a right to discriminate against gays and lesbians and the bill would remove that right.

We certainly wouldn't want that to happen (that was sarcasm.)

Interestingly enough, the bills have an exemption for churches and other religious organizations. In addition, they have been endorsed by Catholic and Episcopal clergy.

So how can the West Virginia Family Foundation demonstrate that these are "bad bills?"

On the top of its webpage, the group has two pictures of what it seems to think that the bills will allow - i. .e men in in drag and leather.

Only thing is that I don't think those pictures are of gays in West Virginia but of the Folsom Street Fair in California.

The fact that this group couldn't find any negatives pictures of gays in its own state is probably a good thing - which would give more creedence to the bills.

But the group's usage of California pictures in an attempt to stop pro-gay bills in West Virginia ranks right up there with using pictures of Playboy centerfolds to keep women away from military combat.

It's funny in that respect, but still dishonest.

UPDATE - One of the bills have passed through the State Senate!!