Thursday, May 21, 2009

Huge plans for Memorial Day weekend

Is it just me or does my blog look screwy? For some reason, the side links are on the bottom of the posts.

I'm probably overworked. That's why (barring something really good courtesy of the religious right), I won't post anymore today.

I will start posting again tomorrow morning. And don't forget that I will also be posting another segment of "Know Your LGBT History" tomorrow afternoon.

Speaking of which, the Memorial Day holiday is this weekend and I have huge plans for my blogs including a massive amounts of updates on Antigay Lies and Liars and something I like to call "The Top Ten Most Anti-Gay Statements."

Also, I am chasing down a very interesting situation that ocurred a while back involving our favorite discredited researcher Paul Cameron and a foreign tour he tried to undertake.

Meanwhile, bear with me while I try to figure out this thing with my blog.

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Thursday midday news briefs

Hey opposition: Stop. Dumbing. Everything. Down! - Like harpies, the religious right swoop down to New Hampshire to spread lies.

The White House "answers" The Advocate's question about DOMA - Get with it, President Obama. I'm a pragmatic person but even I have limits.

Heath's bar: Examining the verbal diarrhea of Maine's head anti-gay - Losing the so-called culture war is making the opposition crazy.

One gay discharge cost military $25 million - If folks can understand fairness, maybe they can understand the loss of money.

Question ready for foes of gay marriage - I don't like the question. It sounds loaded.

Sick leave act would aid gay families - Good news for a blah day.

No white flags: protect pastors, not pedophiles - Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition lies about hate crimes legislation again.

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Crazy person is glad that Adam Lambert lost American Idol

I'm rarely speechless when talking about some people's behavior in this so-called culture war. This is one of those times.

When watching this video, keep repeating to yourself "it's not a parody . . . it's not a parody"

And this is not the first anti-gay video made by this person.

When my online buddy Jeremy from Goodasyou posted one of these videos yesterday, I told him that I was going to steal it for my post. The reason being that this video was just too crazy NOT to spread around

It make the "Gathering Storm" commercial look like Lawrence of Arabia.

My guess is that the next video will target Bugs Bunny for his cross dressing as well as criticize that special sadomaschistic relationship between Popeye and Bluto.

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