Friday, June 12, 2009

Know your lgbt history - Cruising

Just what can I say about this monstrosity when everything else has been said.

I think I have it. Cruising is the worse anti-gay movie I have ever seen. It goes beyond offensive. There is actually an aura of sleaziness that so permeates this movie that if, after watching it, you were dipped in quick dissolving acid and your remains were sprinkled with lime, you still wouldn't be able to get rid of the essence of filth that comes from watching this movie.

Cruising tells the story of a New York City police officer(Al Pacino) who infiltrates the so-called sadomaschistic world of homosexuality in order to find a serial killer of gay men. And this serial killer doesn't just kill gay men, he butchers them slowly and painfully (a point driven unnecessarily by the first murder scene.)

There are no redeeming qualities to this movie. The gay characters are from the pit of a joint fantasy by Peter LaBarbera, Lou Sheldon, Matt Barber, and Donald Wildmon. They are pathetic individuals who, when not being murdered, are either immersing themselves in vile festishes or being intimidated into having sex with police officers.

Even the ending stinks. After Pacino's character finds the killer, we are led to believe that he is taking up the mantle of murder because he can't deal with the idea that he himself might be gay.

Of course the lgbt community raised holy hell when Cruising came out. It was a bomb for that reason and others (the movie just plain sucks).

This scene epitomizes just how bad Cruising is. It's not work safe. I don't know what's worse about this scene; the fact that is dehumanizes gay men, the fact that none of the men in the scene can dance, or the fact that you just know that none of the men are wearing deodorant.

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Friday midday news briefs

Public record investigations: Apparently 'hacking' to those who hack up equality - Harry Jackson can cry a river for all I care. No one is trying to attack his personal life. Investigations into whether or not he is a legitimate resident of Washington, D.C. are appropriate seeing that he is trying to influence policy there.

California HIV Emergency: Schwarzenegger, Legislature may slash HIV funding - Pray for those in California that this does not take place.

Michigan voters shifting views on gay couples - Mark one for Michigan.

Conservatives take stand against hate-crimes bill - Uh guys, the key thing to remember about lying is that you are supposed to do it when people don't know that you are lying.

Coming later today in my Know your lgbt history post - The most vile, vomit-inducing, anti-gay movie in the history of motion pictures. I think you all know what it is. But here is something to put you in a good mood:

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An excellent video on civil rights for all!!

This is one of the best videos I have ever seen. It was made by BethCA66 (on youtube). This is what she says about it:

Making this video has left me drained, speechless and sad. I am triracial: African American, Native American and various flavors of European American. Although we're triracial, my family and I primarily identify as African American. Mormonanswerman has claimed that African Americans do not like to have comparisons drawn between the GLBTQ civil rights movement and the African-American civil rights movement. Speaking as an African American, the comparison holds true. The history of discrimination may be be different, but the effects of hatred, bigotry and bias are the same.

Amen sister! I dare anyone to watch this video and not be moved:

Whew! After that serious video, here is something from my childhood to make you smile:

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