Friday, June 19, 2009

Know your lgbt history - Hanna-Barbera cartoons pushes the 'gay agenda'

The title of this piece is strictly tongue-in-cheek (as is the entire post).

Of course anyone with too much time on their hands can probably find "evidence" to prove what the title says.

Hanna Barbera is probably the most prolific creators of cartoons, so much so that I can honestly say that every child from my generation grew up watching a Hanna-Barbera cartoon from The Flintstones to Yogi Bear to Scooby Doo.

But have you ever wondered:

Just what was the relationship between Yogi Bear and Boo Bear,

What's the deal with Snagglepuss, a pink lion who makes theatre references,

What was the deal with Johnny Quest, a show that featured a young boy, his male friend Hadji, his father Dr. Benton Quest, and Race Bannon; the bodyguard and companion traveling the world together in the absence of any females. Hell, even the pet dog, Bandit, was male.

But even if you could find a satisfactory answer to these questions, nothing can prepare you for Dino Boy in the Lost Valley.

Dino Boy was a cartoon that premiered in the late 60s. The premise is simple: a young boy is forced to parachute out of a crashing plane onto unchartered land. Just when he is about to be attacked by a sabretooth tiger, a huge butch looking caveman saves him. Subsequently, the two proceed to have "amazing adventures" together.

Now if that doesn't set off your gay alarm, check out the intro for the cartoon:

Maybe I'm reading too much into this intro (particularly the part with the ride on the back of the dinosaur). One of my friends says that I tend to overanalyze things. "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," he says.

That may be, but the Dino Boy intro is a pretty damn big cigar, don't you think?

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Friday midday news briefs

More drop out of DNC fundraiser over DOMA brief: VT's State Senate Pres., donor Bruce Bastian, NGLTF and now GLAD. Where's NBJC, GMHC? - And the meltdown continues

Citing law, city reluctantly argues for release of gay employees' names - An anti-gay activist is leading the charge here. He wants the names of employees involved in the city-sponsored LGBT club.

Census study of gay married couples finds similarities to husband-and-wife couples - No difference? Shhhh. Don't tell the religious right. LOL

My night at the 2009 Women's Media Center Awards... - Almost forgot to include this. Congratulations to my buddy Pam Spaulding on a well deserved award.

And now another clip from The Electric Company guaranteed to make you smile or roll your eyes:

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The mayor makes an appearance at Black Pride, but apparently no one does at LaBarbera's press conference

Well day one of South Carolina Black Pride is over and it was a huge success despite an ugly downpour of rain.

We had a huge crowd at our opening reception and not one protestor.

In all honesty, though, we have never had a protestor at our Black Pride events. For some reason, they are scared of us. I think they have this idea that us lgbts of color are rowdy and won't take any mess from people try to upset our events.

I think they have this idea that we have a standby army of drag queens and lesbians armed with lye, razors, and shoes with sharpened heels that they use with deadly accuracy.

That's just ridiculous and I frankly don't know where they got this idea . . .

Seriously though we did have a very prestitious attendee last night. Columbia Mayor Bob Coble appeared and addressed the crowd. And it was his second appearance at Black Pride.

Last year, he gave us a proclamation. Apparently every fourth Saturday in June is officially Black Pride day in the city of Columbia.

I personally think that its awesome for an elected official to acknowledge and support the activities all of his constituents.

On the flip side of that, there seems to be a big block of emptiness regarding a press conference held this week by members of the religious right.

Our friend Peter LaBarbera and various so-called culture warriors (i.e. Matt Barber, Sally Kern and assorted mumble, mumble mutter) held a press conference earlier this week protesting the very few lgbt positive acts of the Obama Administration.

And I have yet to hear anything about it. Except for a little silly blurb on his site, LaBarbera has yet to print anything about the press conference.

Can it be that the event failed to garner any media attention?

I hope so.

Even side show performers lose their appeal.

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