Monday, August 31, 2009

South Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer outed?

I was in the middle of writing something good about the Carrie Prejean situation but then I got knocked on my ass by the following:

A South Carolina politician with a lengthy antigay voting record who has denied that he is gay is lying, according to blogger Mike Rogers.

Rogers, whose work outing closeted politicians who vote antigay figures heavily into the documentary Outrage, reports that South Carolina Lieutenant Andre Bauer has reportedly flirted with several gay men, and one source has admitted to having sex with him.

Two former Bauer staffers said the Lt. Governor spent hours alone with young men in hotel rooms on at least three occasions. The staffers also said the men he spent time with were not staff members with no particular reason to spend time with him.

Bauer, who is unmarried, told The State newspaper in June that he was not gay.

"One word, two letters. 'No.' Let's go ahead and dispel that now," he said in the interview. "Is Andre Bauer gay? That is now the story. We're a long way from where we were a week ago. We have diverted what the real topic should be here: Is the governor capable for carrying on the duties for which he was elected?"

However, openly gay South Carolina legislator Linda Kentner has been vocal about the secrecy of such gay lawmakers in her state who prefer to keep quiet... like the Lieutenant Governor.

More here

Being an lgbt resident of South Carolina and therefore privy to certain things . . .

I ain't saying jack until things are confirmed. I'm too pretty to be sued.

Okay - just one thing but not necessarily about Bauer. Being an lgbt resident of this state, I am privy to information regarding many public figures who are in the closet. Some discussions may be just rumors, but trust me when I say that there are a lot of closeted public figures in this state. Some names will shock you.

It's a bizarre conundrum

Don't worry. My piece on Carrie Prejean's counsel will be coming soon. But being a resident of South Carolina, this was too good not to mention.

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More attention means more trouble for anti-gay group and other Monday midday news briefs

NOM finds out that more attention isn't exactly a good thing:

Fine-toothed combs scour NOM's unfair hair

NOM's 2007 tax return...and who is behind 'consultant' Common Sense America

The two posts are from and Pams House Blend. I wanted to put them both in one location to focus attention on how much attention the National Organization for Marriage is getting. No doubt at first the group thought that the recent Washington Post profile on one of its leaders, Brian Brown, was a good thing. It's nice to see them learn the flipside of attracting attention, especially when you are doing something morally wrong and potentially shady.

New impetus for bill banning anti-gay bias at work - ENDA could pass this year and I know the religious right is just chewing on the bit to oppose it. I'm chewing on the bit to oppose them. Let's get it started!

Congregation embraces transgender minister as his secret is revealed - Here is a positive story you don't hear about every day.

MA: First out black lesbian mayor in the U.S., Denise Simmons, marries partner - It probably won't make BET, Jet or Ebony magazine - the %!*#!

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Getting rebuked in the name of Jesus and called a twit - is this the best the anti-gay folks can do?

I got two interesting negative letters that I want to share with you. After almost three years of doing this thing, it's nice to see my work paying off (sarcasm alert).

Liar !

I don't see how you learned through prayer to accept being gay, because i know GOD never told you it is ok for you to be gay. You need to STOP misleading people in GOD's name because he never told you to accept homosexuality otherswise he would be a liar and you can't make a liar out of GOD. I rebuke you in Jesus name for the lie you told.

When I opened my email and read this message, I nearly fell out laughing. I didn't quite do so because I was busy trying to remember just exactly what I did to garner such an interesting response.

Then I remembered the email I wrote on youtube answering someone's question as to how I was so sure that God had accepted me as a gay man. Apparently someone didn't share my views.

The person didn't elaborate just what happens when one is rebuked in Jesus's name. My guess is that I win some lifetime supply of polyester leisure suits or get eternally strapped down in a doorless room and forced to continously listen to the Osmonds "One Bad Apple."

Either would be pure hell.

My other letter comes from one of my favorite anti-gay spokespeople (and yours), Peter LaBarbera. Apparently he is not appreciative of my latest piece, Peter LaBarbera - the self-destruction of an anti-gay activist.

Now in all honesty, his comments didn't come unsolicited. I emailed LaBarbera my column in order to garner a response. This is what he said:

You are officially a twit, Alvin. You can't even recognize that your own obsession betrays your argument. Adios.

Between you and, me, this is LaBarbera's second or third time with answering my email by calling me a "twit" and using that words "adios" as a signal that he will not return any of my emails.

And yet he continues to answer my emails. I guess he doesn't "know how to quit me."

This is the same guy who allegedly has more gay porn than most people. So you can understand why I'm spooked.

If anyone would know about being obsessed, it's him.

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