Friday, November 06, 2009

Know your lgbt history - Mannequin

I HATE it when good actors do insulting roles.

I'm sure that on almost every actor's resume is a role he or she regrets taking.

And I am also sure that in Designing Women alumni Meschach Taylor's case, it's his interpretation of a gay man in the movie Mannequin (1987).

Mannequin tells the story of an artist (Andrew McCarthy) and the mannequin (pre - Sex in the City Kim Catrail) he creates coming to life.

The premise is silly, the soundtrack was awesome, and Meshach Taylor was simply embarrassing as this clip will show:

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The Jeffersons and the transgender community

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Carrie Prejean to appear at 'pro-family' function. Will she talk about 'the tape'

UPDATE - Prejean will not be appearing. Pan down to the end of the post for more details.

Based on the above flyer, Prejean will be appearing in front of a so-called pro-family group in New Jersey where she will no doubt feed everyone the same line about her "persecution" and receive a standing ovation.

I bet she won't mention "the tape."

I bet she won't mention "the tape" as she goes around the country during her "I'm a victim of the homosexual conspiracy" tour.

And she hasn't been the only one conspicuously silent about "the tape."

In my post which talked about Maggie Gallagher's failed attempt to pull a "Phyllis Burgess," I failed to mention that when she was asked about the tape, she claimed to not have all of the facts.

That's fair. According to the gossip site TMZ, here are some of those facts:

Fired employee, religious right groups want lgbts to follow different rules at the workplace

One of the most effective tactics of the religious right is to truncate an incident to claim that lgbts are violent and intolerant or that Christians are in danger of losing their rights if pro-lgbt legislation passes.

We've seen it in the case the group Repent America who was arrested at a Pride festival after they wouldn't comply with police. Religious right grous made it seem that they were unfairly arrested.

We've seen it in the case of talking head Matt Barber who claimed that he was fired from AllState Insurance for righting an anti-gay piece "on his own time." Of course Barber and everyone else who pushed this narrative conviently left out that he still used company equipment to write the piece and identified himself as an employee of AllState Insurance in short biography of the piece.

Now from Massachusetts comes a new phony narrative just in time for the ENDA hearings courtesy of the anti-gay hate group Mass Resistance:

A Massachusetts man was fired from a national retail corporation because of his traditional beliefs on same-sex marriage. Peter Vadala was formally dismissed from his job as second deputy manager of the Brookstone store at Boston’s Logan Airport on August 12, 2009, after a supervisor reported him to Human Resources regarding an incident two days earlier.

. . .As Peter described the incident, he came to work on August 10 and began his day normally. A female manager from another store was in the store and began talking to Peter about her upcoming marriage. When Peter asked “where is he taking you for the honeymoon,” she corrected him and said she was not getting married to "he" but to another woman.