Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sarah Palin gets well-deserved twitter smackdown and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Watch would a President Huckabee's family policy look like? Look to Iowa - If Mike Huckabee gets anywhere NEAR the White House, lgbts are in trouble.

Six volunteer CMPD police chaplains resign their posts - They left cause CMPD added a gay clergy member. Bye bye guys.

"Glamour" magazine names Constance a "Woman of the Year" - As well she should be. THIS is a female role model.

Jackson: Elections Prove That God Is About to "Sweep Clean" The Nation - Cause you know God designated Harry Jackson as the arbiter of who is and isn't a Christian. You forgot to mention the Senate, Harry.

Palin Lashes Out At WSJ Reporter, Misquotes Story - And speaking of the person partly responsible for the Republicans not getting the Senate, Mrs. Palin got a very good twitter smackdown today. Not necessarily an lgbt issue but child, it's too good not to post and spread. Just what did she do to get the following twitter post knocking her on her behind:

Palin has a journalism degree, so I'm guessing she knows what an ethical no-no it is to misquote somebody like that. It ought to be awfully hard for her to get on her pedestal and condemn the media when she can't even quote somebody honestly. How about to make it up to Reddy, Palin lets a real reporter like him fly out to Wasilla to interview her for once instead of going to her house folks at Fox News?

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