Friday, February 18, 2011

GLAAD, Essence, and Ebony make black history and other Friday midday news briefs

Guest column by Rev. Irene Monroe: GLAAD makes history with black media - This story should get more press. It's a remarkable achievement on the parts of GLAAD and Essence and Ebony magazines.
VIDEO ROUND-UP: In NH, Opponents Claim Marriage Equality Would Facilitate ‘Sharia Law’ - Watch and read ONLY if you have a strong stomach and barf bag handy. The good news is that this mess totally destroys the Maggie Gallagher "stop calling us bigots because we simply want to 'protect marriage'" lie.

Don't Filter Me!
- That's right. Don't keep our lgbt children away for the online sources they need.

Fischer: My Bigotry Is Absolutely Genuine - Well duuuuh!

Wikileaks Posts Cables from US Embassy in Uganda Concerning Anti-Homosexuality Bill - Just sad.

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