Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The lgbt community has to stop shooting itself in the foot and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Military Funeral Protesters - I never really followed this case because I could see the conclusion a mile away.

When protesting for my rights, please try not to be incredibly stupid and counterproductive - How the lgbt community tends to do counterproductive things Exhibit A. This is burning up the comment line on Box Turtle Bulletin. And please don't start with me about Stonewall and the Civil Rights Movement. My problem isn't the public protest in this case but more with the lazy belief that "gaining attention" by itself is a suitable tactic when we are up against groups who do a lot of strategizing and work behind the scenes. Everyone seems to want to figuratively show our asses in public but VERY FEW wants to do the hard work, the meeting with legislatures, the formulating of talking points, the smack down of religious right talking points and the educating in our community (which is sorely needed) in terms of why our issues are important. Oh wait. Let's wait for Lady Gaga to do it, then we will follow along.

Tempers flare over anti-gay bullying at Anoka-Hennepin school board meeting - Not bragging (oh yes I am) but some of my information was used during this meeting.

Bill that bans bullying of gay students stalls in Kentucky House - Ugh.

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Anonymous said...

In regards to the Supreme Court case, how could the Supreme Court favor a religious cult over A MEMBER OF THE ARMED FORCES??!! Who the hell do they think they are? Not to mention, the family had to pay damages to the church. God really does hate America, doesn't he?