Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Video evidence of NOM bussing in people to NYC rally

We all know that the National Organization for Marriage's claim of 10,000 in attendance at its New York City rally against marriage equality is bogus.

But for more evidence of the group's duplicity, check out the following video. Apparently NOM couldn't get enough people from NYC to join its rally, so it bussed in the several hundred demonstrators that did attend its rally:

According the video's creator, NOM was working with several groups, such as the Hispanic Clergy Association. Just more proof that the so-called widespread opposition to marriage equality in NY is an astroturfed creation of NOM.

By the way, the video also points out some signs by participants at the rally; signs which  refutes NOM's claim of standing against marriage equality "in love."

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper.

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Reed Boyer said...

Jeremy Hooper rocks.

TomTallis said...

Probably bussed in from Jersey...

JaneS said...

What's with the school buses? Can anyone rent them?

fritzrth said...

Nice! The Rainbow Transit Company B-)

Jay said...

frtzrth noticed what I did as well: the ironic name of the bus company! Wonder if NOM realized the irony?

More important than busing in the haters is the despicable nature of the signs they held.