Wednesday, February 15, 2012

'NOM lies about Maggie Gallagher's disastrous MSNBC interview' and other Wednesday middday news briefs

 Video: Maggie Gallagher Debates Entire MSNBC Panel! - So NOM finally posts the clip of Maggie Gallagher's disastrous interview on MSNBC and naturally declares her the winner. Apparently NOM was watching an interview from an alternate universe. Those who aren't barred from posting should feel free to remind the organization of this.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: NOM's Maggie Gallagher Discusses "Ex-Gay" Therapy At CPAC - Despite her insistence that she doesn't support reparative (ex-gay) therapy, a recent interview at CPAC, NOM's Maggie Gallagher seems to be slyly endorsing the inaccurate tenets behind reparative therapy. Draw your own conclusions.

Dangerous game: Vander Plaats says protecting LGBT kids from bullying is like playing in street - They certainly love the hyperbolic language.

EXCLUSIVE: Nancy Pelosi Supports 2012 Democratic Party Platform Including Marriage Equality - Way to go, Nancy Pelosi!

Oklahoma elects first openly gay state senator - Kick ass!

First Gay Group Forms On U.S. Military Base
- Awesome!

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Chris said...

I've regrettably been barred from posting both on their blog AND their youtube video. I was very respectful saying that sorry, but maggie lied (even linking to pages to prove I was accurate). Oh well, I'm not surprised that NOM, and organization who constantly fights for the freedom to express views against gay marriage, would censor people who point out their own inaccuracies.

John Roberts said...

My comment is "awaiting moderation." What do you think the odds are that it will be posted?

“BTW, why do SSMers always bring up no-fault divorce?”

Because it illustrates the disingenuousness of your organization and its position. The name of the group is the “National Organization for Marriage” yet they barely even pay lip service to anything to do with heterosexual marriage. The organization exists for the sole purpose of denying gays and lesbians access to legal recognition of their relationships. If NOM changes its name to something more honest like the “National Organization Against GLBT Equality” then we’ll stop bringing up no-fault divorce.