Monday, February 13, 2012

Washington state marriage equality bill is signed - Equality rules!

According to Think Progress:

The law will not take effect before June 7, three months after the conclusion of the legislative session. However, if opponents succeed in putting a question of marriage on the November ballot defining marriage as a union between one mand and one woman, the law would be suspended until the certification of election returns in December.(Gov Chris) Gregoire predicted that the people of the state of Washington “will say yes to marriage equality in the state of Washington” if the law is reviewed in a referendum.

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Mary in Austin said...

Another step forward.
A happy day.

Daniel said...

I live in Washington state. It's mostly a liberal place, and a ballot measure to overturn equality stands a chance to fail. However, it would be close. It might succeed. Opponents of equality are more likely to vote and more passionate, on average, than supporters of equality. On the one hand, I would like to see a ballot measure so I could see it fail. but on the other hand I really prefer that people just let this law be, and we can get on with our lives without more bigots pushing their agenda to the voters.