Saturday, April 14, 2012

NOM President Brian Brown's twitter account has been hacked

Somebody is doing some serious work against the National Organization for Marriage.

First this week, its Facebook page and twitter account was hacked. And now today, the twitter account of its president, Brian Brown, has been hacked. I think that would be easy to guess because one would doubt that Brown would send tweets like the following:

yo dickhead, come around my place tonight, we'll finish that game of pump up the volume

And of course NOM is going to blame the gay community even though there is no evidence that any of us had anything to do with it. Most likely this is probably the act by a mischievous third party seeking attention by interjecting themselves into a high profile issue.

I almost feel sorry NOM. Almost, but not quite.

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1 comment:

Erica Cook said...

I'm sorry, I do have to disagree with you on who did this. I bet its some gay 16 year old who's parent's are supporters of NOM. Not saying hacking into someone's accounts is acceptable, but I still have to high-five them.