Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The religious right's no-good, all around bad day continues

The hacking of NOM's social network only scratches the surface when it comes the abysmal day religious right organizations are having. Several other incidents happened today which left these phony morality groups staggering. Let's look at some of them, shall we:

National Organization For Marriage Website Hacked On Same Day Group Endorses Mitt Romney - First there is the big story. The National Organization for Marriage's social network was hacked big time. You just know that they are going to blame us for it.

Denunciation of ex-gay study:

Researcher Robert Spitzer Retracts Landmark Ex-Gay Study - A major study which the religious right have thrown in the face of the lgbtq community as proof that gays can change their orientation as been retracted by its author. Knowing the religious right, watch how they will conveniently omit this new information while continuing to use the study.

Being abandoned by allies:

HUGE – pro-Proposition 8 witness comes out against NC’s Amendment One in N&O op-ed - How is this for a kick in the face. A witness who testified for Proposition 8 - the California law banning marriage equality - has denounced the effort by religious right groups in North Carolina to pass a similar law in that state. Good for you, David Blankenhorn.

Infighting with regards to Presidential candidates:

Perkins Accuses Romney Of Supporting ‘Special Employment Rights Based Upon Sexual Behavior’- Uh oh. On the day in which NOM endorses Mitt Romney for president, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council throws a monkey wrench into religious right support for Romney.

Ugly faux pas:

FRC quietly scrubs pro-Santorum 'math murder' post - See what happens when you push hyperbole.

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wiseturtle said...

I read your site for the first time today becaue of the title. Judith Vorist has always been a favorite and my grown sons and I still use the title to describe some of our days. I will be back to read your postings.

JayJonson said...

Blankenhorn did not denounce a law like Proposition 8. He and Marquardt specifically say that they still oppose same-sex marriage and that the reason they were in favor of Prop 8 is that it was different from Amendment One since Prop 8 left in place domestic partnerships, whereas Amendment One forbids civil unions. Don't give Blankenhorn more credit than he deserves. This is just another career move for him. See "Confessions of a Blog Addict" at It mentions you, and it has some devastating things to say about Blankenhorn and Marquardt.