Friday, July 13, 2012

'More proof of black vs. gay election wedge strategy?' and other Friday midday news briefs

More proof of the attempts to create a blacks vs. gay wedge strategy just in time for the November?:

Reverend William Owens’ Offensive Anti-Gay Politics - The above video is audio of Williams Owens at a press conference talking about marriage equality. Owens, NOM's liaison to the black church community, is spearheading a campaign asking African-Americans to "withhold" their votes from Obama because of his support of marriage equality. How convenient it is that NOM is endorsing Romney.

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In other news: 

 Hate Groups Hate Condi Rice - When I heard the RUMOR that Romney may pick Condoleeza Rice as his VP, I knew it was bull. This is why.

 Maggie makes case for 'non-scary' Huckabee; 'not scary?' ask my ring finger, peace of mind - Mark it in your books. The one time I actually agree with Maggie Gallgher. Please Romney, pick Huckabee as your VP because I've got so much anti-gay dirt on him. It's just going to waste.  

Tehachapi parents worried about gay education - Because apparently these folks obviously think that gay parents and children in same-sex households are simply myths.

 Maggie Gallagher’s Institute Attacks APA Support Of Marriage Equality With Vague Generalizations - And it took them 11 months to get this trash together. Pathetic.

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