Saturday, August 18, 2012

Homophobia and racism - why is one called hate but the other is 'merely offensive?'

In his piece yesterday, Dana Milbank of The Washington Post (in his zeal to call out the Southern Poverty Law Center over labeling the Family Research Council a "hate group") seemed to be implying that the power of words should not be taken into account, even if these words can foster hatred against a group of people and could potentially lead to violent action.

I say let's put that to a test:

Video Number One:

Video Number Two:

The question here should not be which one is hatred. The answer to that is obvious.

The question is just why is one video (number one) considered to be hatred while the other can be considered as merely offensive or a "defense of Christian values?"

I think that the shooting Wednesday has revealed something sad about this country when it comes to gay equality.

Lies told about the gay community don't seem to judged on the same scale as lies told about any other group of people.

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JT1962 said...

As long as people continue to think of LGBTs as 'less than' anything, this will continue.

Sylvia Brumage said...

I see it as the same issue played out over and over. Demonizing people you disagree with and pumping out malicious lies in mass production only gets you so far. Sooner or later people will learn the truth. People's differences are less important than what we all share. They are called HUMAN RIGHTS, and we ALL qualify.

NOM Comments said...

Morgan Freeman said it best in a tweet - it's not "homophobic" because they aren't afraid of anything. It's called being an asshole

Anonymous said...

Call them what they create: bullies.