Friday, September 14, 2012

'Milbank calls out Romney, Ryan for kissing up to Family Research Council' and other Friday midday news briefs

‘Values’ voters Romney and Ryan don’t need - Perhaps Washington Post writer Dana Milbank realizes that his defense of the Family Research Council from the designation of "hate group" sent the wrong message because today, he not only rebukes them but also Romney and Ryan for kissing up to them.

 #VVS12 live tweets - For your bulimic edification, Jeremy Hooper is tweeting from the Family Research Council's awful "Values Voters" summit. So far, Michelle Bachmann came very close to calling President Obama a traitor and Jim DeMint called teachers "thugs." And you just know they are going to have "interesting things to say about the lgbtq community.  

NOM didn't have a good night in NY (despite what the spin machine might sputter forth) - According to reports, NOM wasted a rather pretty penny last night in its unsuccessful long strategy of destroying marriage equality in New York.  

Jesse And Terry Ventura Come Out Against Minnesota Marriage Inequality Amendment - Way to go, Jesse and Terry Ventura! 

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