Monday, October 22, 2012

'Gays, allies deemed 'worthy of death' again' and other Monday afternoon news briefs

Audio: Maryland Marriage Alliance panel claims gays and supporters are 'worthy of death' - And they don't want US to add to the gene pool.

Focus On The Family President: Gays Are In ‘Pain’ And At Battle With God - Bizarre. Neither of those things came up in my last prayer.

Fox Ironically Supports “Spirit Day” After Months Of Attacking Anti-Bullying Efforts - First they verbally bash us, then they kiss us. That makes me want to fight. I am not Fox News' bitch.

Fischer: I am a 'Prophetic Voice' Warning Against the Gay Agenda - No. You are a @!%$ with a big mouth and a radio show.

Illinois School Board Abandons Transgender Students For Hate Group’s Favor - This is ridiculous!

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Anonymous said...

The maryland FB page is open to public posts. I suggest posting something polite (honestly polite. Let's not treat them like they treat us) and report them for hate speech.