Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Washington anti-marriage equality group showcases a sad rally

According to The Seattle PI, the National Organization for Marriage is funneling $199,970 in order to defeat Referendum 74, the bill which allow marriage equality in Washington.

That would bring a grand total of $1.225 million that NOM has given the anti Ref-74 group, Preserve Marriage Washington.

The Seattle PI also points out that the anti-Ref 74 group has serious ground to make up. The pro-Ref-74 group has reportedly raised over 10.4 million and pre-election polls in pre-election polls show marriage equality with support at or just over 50 percent in not only Washington but also two other states - Maryland and Maine - who are having ballot fights on marriage equality.

Of course this does not mean for folks on my side to throw the confetti and pass out the champagne as of yet. However, based upon pictures of a rally against Ref-74, it appears that the those against the bill have other areas to make up in.

Naturally, NOM brags on this rally with the following pictures:

The movement to protect marriage is diverse and inclusive! Check out these photos provided by Preserve Marriage Washington, which is urging Washingtonians to reject Referendum-74 (gay marriage):

It's rather embarrassing to claim that your side has diversity and then repeatedly show pictures of the same elderly people.

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Christopher Robinson said...

Like I said in a post a few days ago. Show me a *real* rally. I count less than 20 people in those dozen pictures. Can the black reverend bastards field many more?

Anonymous said...

Yeah - NOM is in trouble if all they can rally is the old farts!

Cline Architects said...

Again, they should have "borrowed" photos of an Obama rally.