Monday, November 12, 2012

Dan Savage dares Tony Perkins, Family Research Council to sue him

Say what you will about Dan Savage, he is doing what needs to be done here.  For too long, members of the lgbt community - especially those in positions of power - have dodged taking on the Family Research Council and all of the other anti-gay groups for whatever reason.

They seem to ignore the old adage that a good defense is always an offense. In other words, we tend to wait until Perkins and company call us out before engaging them in a discussion or, what I like to call, a much needed verbal war.

Our path to equality will not be shortened by ignoring FRC, NOM, or any of the other groups who deliberately peddle homophobic junk science. They are the roadblocks and sometimes you need to confront roadblocks without provocation with the expressed goal of knocking them out of the way.

Dan Savage is trying to do that here and it is my hope that others follow in his footsteps.

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Karl Jennings said...

Amen! It's beyond time to call out the hypocrisy and hatred masquerading as Christianity in this country. Show the bigots and liars for who they are.

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Dan is often blunt and cras but never lies. Tony and the like NEED to be exposed for the hate and lies they spread.
They did get exposure before the election because of Romney's tight connection to the Right and I believe that is part of why he lost.
The American people know better and they cast their vote FOR equality.
I can't wait for tony and NOM to crumble.