Wednesday, November 28, 2012

'Keith Ablow proves that bigotry makes you stupid' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

My gosh, what in the hell does Fox News pay so-called psychiatrist Keith Ablow for? Just listen to this non-answer he gives to an email from a woman who doesn't like how her sister-in-law allows her son to play with dolls and action figures. Other than verbally attacking the mother, he really gives no answer:

I repeat. Just who did Ablow have to sleep with to get his job at Fox News? And speaking of the sister-in-law, I personally think girlfriend should mind her own business because the children are not being harmed.

In other news: 

Rios: Penn State Child Abuse Scandal Part of the 'Whole Fabric' of Gay Rights - Apparently we are to blame for the Penn State molestation tragedy. How? Does it really matter to these folks?

Lexington Human Rights Commission Rules Against Discriminating T-Shirt Company - Cue the religious right horns of whine about . . . now.  

U.S. officials dispute media reports on Uganda anti-gay bill - Let's all keep our eyes on this one.

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Tilghman Lesher said...

You have missing words in the second sentence:

how her sister-in-law allows HER SON to play with dolls

BlackTsunami said...

Thanks. it's now corrected.