Monday, November 26, 2012

'Religious right members ecstatic over Uganda's anti-gay bill' and other Monday midday news briefs

 American Family Association Leader Praises Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Law - When it's all said and done, we will discover that Bryan Fischer was actually a plant of the gay community (shut up Alvin).

‘Kill The Gays’ Bill Instigator Scott Lively Praises God For “Cleansing” City With Violent Explosion, Takes Credit - First Lively claims he means gays no harm. Then when the lights go out, the boogeyman in him rips off his mask.

 NOM Now Warning Against Young People Having Gay Friends - Cause if straight young folks have gain friends, they might learn style, humor, and other stuff that they don't need. Sarcasm intended. 

NOM's Ruth Institute now offering tattoos; they're temporary like org. itself - Homophobic tattoos for Christmas? Sorry but my heart is still set on that G.I. Joe with the kung-fu grip.

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