Thursday, November 08, 2012

'Video footage of lgbt victory in Minnesota' and other 2012 election news briefs

At 2:56 of this video, all of the board members, staff, and volunteers of Minnesotans United for All Families was informed that they won the battle to keep an anti-marriage equality amendment from going on the state constitution. What followed next was much deserved jubilation.

 In other news:  

Brian Brown's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad election cycle - And in more good news, check out how much money the National Organization spent on these candidates, who ALL LOST!  

Tony Perkins Has The Sadz - And Tony Perkins is all upset over the losses FRC, NOM and the rest endured.  

Owens: If Marriage Equality Passes the 'Whole Gamut of the Family is Going to be Destroyed' - Dear Mr. Owens, from one black man to another, KISS MY ENTIRE ASS! (Editor's note - And that note is dedicated to all of the lgbts of color who have no voice thanks to people like William Owens, especially those who are no longer with us via ignorance and hate). 

 Moving Beyond The Invisibility Of Transgender People In The 2012 Elections - And let's not just celebrate the 2012 elections. Let's use our victory as a template for more awareness, more knowledge, more education, and more victories. 

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